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Abstract Tattoo Studio

Our studio is built upon two things, amazing artists and positive customer journey. Whether you are considering your first tattoo, you’re heavily inked, or anything in between; the artists working at Abstract we will work with you to ensure you get honest advice, resulting in the best artwork for you. The artists understand that ‘another day at the office’ for them, is actually a massively important day for each of their clients, this is why they treat each person with the utmost care and attention. ​


Abstract Tattoo is a Custom tattoo studio, they will help you to decide on your perfect tattoo design, and you can be confident that nobody else will be sporting the same design as you.


Each of the tattoo artists working here takes great pride in designing unique and original tattoos for their clients.

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Custom Tattoo Studio

Tattoo Equipment

Meet the Artists




An international artist that has been tattooing for the past 30 years, which started with a long unpaid apprenticeship back in the early 80’s.
He has gained an enviable reputation over the years after spending many years tattooing around Europe.
​Doug is a highly creative all-rounder who enjoys producing beautiful work. He is renowned for his friendly manner and is expert at putting clients at ease.
His skills include most styles, including Japanese/Oriental and an expert in cover-up and repair work.




Adam is Doug's eldest son, who has spent the last 30 years growing up and part of the tattooing industry.
He first started learning to tattoo 15 years ago in one of our busy studio's in Spain, and learnt all aspects of tattooing.
he now enjoys his own style of black and white tattooing and gangster style writing, he also specialises  and produces beautiful work in Watercolour tattoos as well as being a great all-rounder.


Some examples of our work


Prices & Deposits

Each tattoo created by artists working at Abstract is an individual work of art, by an individual artist. This makes it difficult for us to provide a price online. We recommend booking a consultation, after this process, they will be able to present you with a final price range for your artwork. They will ask you for as much information as possible in order to best understand what you have in mind for your tattoo. Factors such as the complexity of the design, the size, and placement on the body, will all go into their determining of the price.

When booking your tattoo we require a deposit for every booking, If you are having session work the deposit will carry over to each session and come off of your final sitting.

If your tattoo is a one off it will come off the total on the day.
We would prefer if you can call in to make a booking but if this is not possible and you are booking over Facebook you can pay a deposit via papal or Bank Transfer.


​For large ongoing session work our charges are £45.00 per hour. All other tattoos that are completed in one session  are individually priced starting at £25.00

A full day booking of 5 hours is priced at £220.00

​A £20 Deposit is required for all bookings.if you are booking an all day session the deposit will be £50.00.

Prices & Deposits
Tattoo Sleeve
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Iain Drewery

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Doug Holt is a fantastic tattoo artist I have used him for years. He draws up his own material and looks after your every need. Excellent service well recommended


Kelly O'Hare

Gone from having one little tattoo to wanting massive ones .. Adams done an ace job with my arm so I just want to keep coming back  and having more till I'm covered in them  lol x x 


Ross Smith

Fantastic tattooist. Doug,Adam and Mandy always have a welcoming smile and some anecdotes to keep you amused while getting inked.
Recommend to all.


Emmie Banks

I had a day session with Doug and we got threw two really amazing designs to start my sleeve off!
I’m absolutely over the moon with the outcome Would 100% recommend them to anyone!


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