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Tattoo Laser Removal


Here at Abstract we try to accommodate with covering up unwanted tattoos as much as we can...But NOT all tattoos can be covered due to them being too big, too dark etc, This is why we try and encourage as many as we can to have laser treatment beforehand.

In some cases just one treatment to lighten the tattoo will be enough for us to be able to cover it with something nice, this makes a huge difference to what we can use as a cover-up and the customer then, has much more options as to what design they want.

We have been sending all our referrals to a laser center in Grimsby for quite some time now as their success rate and results are quite amazing....
​please see their contact details below.

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Contact Details

If you have had a read and taken our advice please contact...
​​Go-Tan, Wybers Tanning Studio

Laser Tattoo Removal
Wybers Tanning Studio
332 St Nicholas Dr,
DN37 9SF

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